Gym Virginity Lost

// October 31st, 2005 // Life

Just got back from my first workout at the gym. It was pretty cool actually. I might even say I enjoyed it. Amy has put me on a five day a week schedule – three days of cardio and two of weights – so I am going to have to jiggle the timetable a bit. Perhaps even getting up an hour earlier! Eep. I love all the gym machines, especially the treadmill – it does all the work for you! No thinking required.

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  1. Lynne says:



  2. acp says:

    Congrats, love! You will feel so much the better for moving around a bit. Eat well and get rid of the caffeine and (surprisingly) you will feel more awake and cope better with your early starts :)… and more!

  3. hers says:

    OOOoohhh ahh. I wish your resolve would rub off on me :)

  4. Steph says:

    I think the most painful bit of going to the gym is signing the contract, and paying the bill, although I’m now free of mine the habit seems to have stuck.

    Don’t get complacent on the treadmill… think my worst moment was when my towel fell of the consoley bit and tripped over it :) I tend to use the dead-man clip these days.

    Not sure about the giving up caffeine bit though…

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