Back To School

// October 26th, 2005 // Life

I’ve put in my enrolment form for CHEM191! Back to school for me! Let’s hope it works out a bit better than the last two times I went to university. Let’s just say I seem to last a year and then crash out spectacularly. Still this is very very part time (one paper!) so hopefully the stress will not get to me.

Even just going to the enrolment office gave me the “oh my god, I’m an old person” vibe. Then I realised that next year (2006) it will be TWENTY YEARS since I first enrolled at Victoria University. So I really am an old person!

2 Responses to “Back To School”

  1. hers says:

    Wonderful! You can only take one step at a time you know!

    I’m considering starting my masters’ next year, now that will be a slow and long and involved project.

    One step at a time, one step at a time. Could become a mantra!

  2. acp says:

    Well, good on you for keeping your mind in tune… and for heading a step closer to becoming the next Scully ;-)

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