Upstart Audiologists

// September 8th, 2005 // Health, Kids, Life

I took Archie to the audiologist yesterday for yet another hearing test – we’ve been a bit worried as he has had an ear infection for five weeks now – but he passed with flying colours again. And according to the audiologist there is no way he’ll get any permanent damage from the ear infection as we are slamming it with so many antibiotics. So that’s a relief.

However audiologist did annoy me by saying something along the lines of “his hearing is not why he is not speaking, you have to look at his mental capacity”! Mental capacity indeed! Upstart audiologist who knows nothing!

But then he did succumb to the Archie charm © and say “what a lovely smile you have”, so he was partially forgiven. Besides he does seem to be quite a good audiologist.

3 Responses to “Upstart Audiologists”

  1. acp says:

    Well, I think it’s totally uncalled for! Who asked for his assessment on Archie’s mental capacity… and what would he know about it anyway?

    You just keep being your wonderful self Archie-lah.

    Uncle Ant

  2. noo noo says:

    It’s the audiologist’s mental capacity that’s in doubt here.
    On a completely different matter, do any of you Sydneysiders know the name of the icecream stand/shop at the NE end of Circular Quay?

  3. Naomi says:

    I wish medical people would take their heads out of the medical books occassionally and remember that they’re actually talking about real people. I love the audiologist we have, he always talks to Callum, takes the time to explain etc. ENT’s on the other hand always seem to be 70 year old men who are completley stuck in the dark ages about DS (sorry personal pet peeve!)

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