The Amazing Child That Doesn’t Talk Quite Yet

// September 23rd, 2005 // Kids, Life

Archie has been having a few issues lately, mainly pushing Harry over a lot and being pretty uncooperative, throwing things on the ground, etc. Usually he gets like this over the school holidays when he’s bored with no kindy to go to. But school holidays start next week!

But we realised that perhaps he needs a bit more of feeling like a “big boy” in his life. He’s such a boy of habit that it’s easy for us to fall into a routine with him rather than trying new things. And I think other kids tend to push you along with what they want to do, whereas because Arch has communication difficulties, it’s tricky for us to predict what he should / wants to be doing – especially since he’s the oldest and is forging the way!

So we’ve instituted a few extra things to give him more independence. Things like leaving his bedroom door open when he’s asleep so he can get up on his own in the morning. We’re teaching him to dress himself independently (with a little help!). Another thing is to give him free run of upstairs – we tend to keep the door closed to keep the kids away from the stairs and my office, but it’s probably important for him to be able to get to his bedroom if he wants.

And a certain present he is receiving from a certain grandmother will definitely be fun and independent for him!

After doing things like this for a couple of days, he seems much happier and better behaved.

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  1. Martha says:

    That is such a good point. I think I constantly under-estimate how much change and stimulation the boys need to thrive and not go loopy.

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