Night Out

// September 1st, 2005 // Life

I went to see Rangi’s Catch at the Film Archive last night – a film written & directed by my grandfather in 1972. What a treat it was! A rollicking Famous Five-style NZ adventure, with escaped convicts, mud pools, the old cable car, every native NZ bird and more. And my mother had all sorts of amusing anecdotes about the filming, as she was the on-set nanny of the child stars, including a young Temuera Morrison. I was on the set too but try as I might I couldn’t dredge up any memories. The only sad point was the quality of the print, it had lost all its greens so the Marlborough Sounds had become a very maroon and dusty seeming place! I wish someone would restore it and put it out on DVD.

I was very impressed with the Film Archive too – $8 to see a movie you’re not going to catch anywhere else – and a very pleasant environment with a bar.

Afterwards we had dinner at Floriditas and it did seem a little quieter than last time. Or perhaps it was my fevered imagination. Delicious corn-fed chicken breast though.

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  1. llew says:

    I remember watching this at primary school… no wait… must be my imagination, I wasn’t at primary school in 1972…

    anyway! your grandfather! Brilliant.

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