Long W/End

// September 20th, 2005 // Kids, Life, Opinions

We had a great weekend. Friday night Max very kindly gave me a ticket to Fly My Pretties at the Paramount. I was gutted that the shows had sold out so was very happy to join Max, Jake, Rupert and Helen at the gig. And it was a fantastic show. Sam was the highlight of course, with a certain “Mad Conductor” routine that worked the crowd into a frenzy.

Then Saturday was the nail-biting election. It was like some sort of new sport, watching the percentages go up and down. I was terrified when at one point National were 10% ahead! But of course Labour finished just in front. I’m really hoping that a stable lefty government can be formed. If anyone can do it, it’s Helen Clark.

And on Sunday we went out to my mother’s property in Greytown. It was the worst bloody weather we’ve had all winter, freezing cold and pouring with rain. But still we had a fun time and it was excellent to have all the family in one spot (apart from dear Rosie who was missed greatly). Ned and Dins spent some time wedding planning as well, as they’re getting married there in January. I am pleased to report that the final marquee position was decided on. Also I was asked to be “the Ringbearer” (as Ned does not trust the best man not to lose the rings!). So much for getting away without an official capacity. I’ll have to wear prosthetic feet and a curly wig!

Archie & Harry had a great time in the country too, though went a little stir crazy in the rain. They were really happy to get home as well.

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  1. rosie says:

    it is great you are being trusted as ringbearer….. but does ned not remeber your history with losing his belongings? I know you are very carefull but achem, digital camera ring a bell?

    and how come I am the only person with my name not linked when I am the only regular blog keeper?

    (i am still bitter about missing out on the fun and the giant jelly tips)

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