Ich Bein Ein Berliner

// September 23rd, 2005 // Me

Last night I had a dream set in pre-WW II Berlin. There were two teenage girls in it, one of them was gay and in love with the other one, who was the daughter of Tony Soprano, who was high up in the SS. Steve from NZ Idol also featured as a cabaret singer who fancied Tony’s daughter and kept saying “Ich bein ein Berliner”. It jumped into the present and I was telling Steve how my aunt Deborah spent nearly the whole of WWII in Berlin – but then I realised I was getting her mixed up with Unity Mitford.

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  1. samuel says:

    and of course what steve was saying is ‘i am a type of german doughnut’ or something along those lines, as said by JFK on his visit to the historic city in the early 60′s you would say ‘Ich bein berliner’ if you wanted to say ‘i am a person from berlin’. This is not intirely reliable as my facts come straight from the stand-up comedy of Eddie Izard (the genius that he is).

    I should remind thee of my recurring dream i had as a very young child where i was a flying ace with Snoopy etc against the germans in WWI. The scary part came when not only Snoopy but YOU EMILY turned on me. Firing on my broken aircraft well i was stuck on the ground. The whole dream was in weird 2D cartoon much like southpark and i remember it vividly.

  2. emily says:

    Oh my god! What torturous things was I doing to you as a child? [Big sister guilt kicks in]

    Might have solved the mystery of my dream – This post on Public Address, which I might have seen yesterday subconsciously in my RSS reader…

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