Whole Again

// August 30th, 2005 // Toys

I was very surprised when my new camera arrived by courier at 8:30am this morning, when I only deposited the money into E-top’s bank at 3pm yesterday. So E-top get a big thumbs up from me for service and speed.

I’ve been merrily snapping away all morning, as you can imagine. One disadvantage of the 8 megapixels is that now my largest CF card only holds 32 images! I can’t afford to get myself a 1GB card at the moment, so I will just take images at medium quality where I can at least take 55 pics at a time. Hopefully I won’t need to print any out at A1 size…

The camera itself is great though. Very responsive instant shutter speed, you can hold down the button and just take one photo after the other, it fits my two existing EOS lenses, and it has great auto spot focusing… I love it! Pics coming to Flickr very soon. The Harry and Archie fix you’ve been craving for a month!!

2 Responses to “Whole Again”

  1. samuel says:

    the fact that it fits your eos lenses means its a virtual money saving bargain! just don’t take it to shanghai.

  2. Tara Marie says:

    I’m so glad to find your website! I’ve adored looking at your pictures on Flickr.

    What camera did you get? I”m researching as I love photography and want to learn and develop my passion for taking pictures.

    I was looking at the Nikon 8megpixl…….

    and we are truly blessed by our Archie and Emma Sage….magical gifts we have in our presence.

    Peace, Tara Marie

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