Which neighborhood in Manhattan is best for you?

// August 4th, 2005 // Internets

You scored as Alphabet City. Alphabet City lies to the east of First Ave., south of 14th St., and north of Houston St. Alphabet City is a bohemian paradise filled with artists and poets. It helps if you know some spanish. There are not many subways out there. But, it’s fine if you ride a bike.

If you lived here you could buy most of your clothes at thrift shops. You might want to go to this famous poetry cafe and art gallery. Don’t forget to go out clubbing every night. The best nightlife in the city is found here.

Thanks for taking my test! -Susan

Which neighborhood in Manhattan is best for you?
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PS Check out the “Kiwi” on that purple sign in the foreground – it really is fate!

3 Responses to “Which neighborhood in Manhattan is best for you?”

  1. acp says:

    gosh it’s a very, very, very long quiz…. zzzzzzzz

  2. Alan says:

    I came up with Alphabet city too. Which is strange, considering where I currently live is extremely suburban.

  3. noo noo says:

    Ī don’t think we’ll bump into each other much in New York – I’ll have to grab a yellow cab to come babysit.
    I scored: SoHo/ TriBeCa.
    Above Houston, lawyers, bankers, and their arty spouses live in lofts. Below, filmmakers and fashionistas nest in renovated tenements, drawn by nightlife and shopping. Oh, and don?t forget the celebrities (David Bowie and Iman, Lauren Hutton)

    I’d probably choose below Houston – David Bowie my favourite!

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