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There’s an article on Stuff today about a little boy with Down Syndrome in Wellington. Coincidentally we are going to have coffee with him and his mum tomorrow afternoon. All part of the disability networking mafia. He seems lovely in the article and also seems to have at least one thing in common with Archie – “standing inches away from the television transfixed”!

The article is kind of annoying though, particularly this line: “Gabriel, like other Down syndrome children, has his own very individual personality”. Puh-lease! What else is he going to have?

4 Responses to “Transfixed”

  1. rosie says:

    “gabriel like other down syndrome children is a child and has down syndrome”

  2. noo noo says:

    Something I read that struck me when Archie was born was “Down syndrome will be the least interesting thing about your child”. And that has turned out to be true – Archie is a gorgeous, fascinating, bright and beautiful child (well, I am his grandmother) who happens to also have DS.

  3. MiramarMike says:

    What a crackingly lazy and cliched line, how so unlike NZ media (sarcasm tag didn’t work but you get the idea).

    Why didn’t they just say,”And they’re almost like normal kids … love ‘em”
    Idiots! rant, rant, rant …

  4. acp says:

    well what’s normal anyway? kids with Downs are just kids. who knows anyone’s potential and future. it’s all a mystery. give love and respect to all.

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