Sci Fi Dream

// August 25th, 2005 // Me

I had a very vivid movie-like sci fi dream last night. I was on some planet where the surface temperature suddenly got really really hot and we all had to take refuge underground in a bunker. Then the planet started flooding and with the water came these huge aliens that were like Chinese dragons, really fast and big, and they were transparent and could shapeshift. The aliens were killing anyone that went outside and one snuck into our bunker disguised as one of the humans that they’d killed. We managed to kill it but decided that our position was no longer tenable in the bunker. We headed uphill to try and escape the water aliens. At one stage one of them nearly caught me and my friend, but we grabbed hold of its sides so it couldn’t reach us. It was plunging in and out of the water trying to shake us off. Finally we reached the top and became like pets of this alien princess. She had lots of us humans in a little cage in her bedroom as she found us cute. I was sneaking out of the cage at night to try and find a spaceship to get away in.

Strange brain at work again.

2 Responses to “Sci Fi Dream”

  1. Brena says:

    Cancel your DVD subscription, buy more acid…

  2. acp says:

    How entertaining :)

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