Rangi’s Catch

// August 24th, 2005 // Life

My grandpa Michael Forlong was a film director and on Wednesday 31st August there is going to be a screening of his film Rangi’s Catch at the Film Archive in Wellington. Apparently I was on the set of this one as a 3 year old and used to run around playing with Temuera Morrison! I’m really looking forward to seeing it at last.

@ 6.30pm in the mediatheatre
(UK/NZ, 1973) G, 95 minutes
Director/producer/writer: Michael Forlong
With: [a young] Temuera Morrison, Ian Mune, Michael Woolf
Not only is Rangi’s Catch one of the best children’s films ever made, it is grand entertainment for people of all ages. This film ranks with the world’s best children’s productions.
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7 Responses to “Rangi’s Catch”

  1. John says:

    I was the manager of the St James Theatre Wellington, where this film had it’s world premiere

  2. tom forlong says:

    who wrote this because we must be related because micheal forlong is also my grand dad

  3. emily says:

    My name is Emily, I am Helen’s daughter – is your mum my Aunty Kate? We’re cousins :)

  4. sally forlong says:

    lol and he was my dad – anyone got a copy !
    best wishes slly

  5. sally forlong says:

    please email you lot

  6. sally forlong says:

    btw my sister kate was the star,

  7. gary pusey says:

    Michael Forlong also produced two promotional films to support the launch of the first Range Rover in 1970. He later acquired one of the very early prototype Range Rovers. I am a trustee of the world’s largest museum dedicated to Land Rovers and Range Rovers and we have recently acquired this very special car for our collection. We would love to know more about Michael’s period of ownership from 1971 to 1975. Are their photographs of this car in the family archives which we could copy, please?
    Many thanks, Gary Pusey

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