Lubricated Knee

// August 8th, 2005 // Life

As predicted the journey to Palmy was pretty crazy, with a great bunch of people onboard, including fellow Wellington blogger David. And the play itself was fantastic, quite original and very funny. Hopefully it will go to some other venues as well.

Yesterday we took the boys for an outing on the Cable Car. Archie loved the tunnels! Then we trekked to the playground in the Botanical Gardens. They had a HUGE slide there which Arch got obsessed with – he was climbing the massive ladder and then throwing himself head first down at tremedous speed… another parent was moved to comment, “He has no fear does he?”

I took Harry on the big swing and he promptly fell off, luckily before the swing had even begun to move. Have never experienced the humiliation of public injury to one’s child – the shame!! He was fine though. Then he managed to get his knee stuck between the bars of his cot at nap time and copious amounts of soap were required to lubricate it free again!!

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