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// August 9th, 2005 // Life, Toys

We’ve been using biodegrable disposable nappies for the last week or so. Karen discovered them for sale in NZ over the internet and they are a very reasonable price, about the same as Huggies. You can put them straight into the compost! Sadly we go through so many that I don’t think we’ll be able to compost them all, but surely they are much better in landfill than your standard plasticised and bleached “disposable” nappy. And performance wise, they have not let us down. I reckon they are better on little bottoms too as they don’t contain any chlorine bleach. Recommended to all lazy disposable using parents out there.

It’s my birthday on Friday and my first present arrived today from Kingsland, Auckland… it’s got me quite excited!! Of course I am saving it until Friday…

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  1. Martha says:

    Hey wicked. I use fuzzibunz (v. easy cloth), but seem to use quite a few disposables too (not very good at washing!). They seem great, although I suspect I won’t be setting up a worm farm.

  2. rosie says:

    i’m so glad this entry was about green recylable nappies not nappies filled with green stuff.

  3. Long time lurker, first time poster Tricia here. Thanks for the recommendation on the compostable disposables. We’re a cloth family when we’re home, but need those disposables when on the road. Was starting to feel guilty for all the plastic Disney Huggies we’ve been leaving in our wake.

    That, and we’re composting fools.

    I’ve got the Fuzzibunz that Martha uses, too, but the boy’s poo seems to always squish out the legs. ugh. Huge fan of wool covers.

    Happy birthday.

  4. emily says:

    I didn’t know I had lurkers! Thanks for the birthday wishes and nice to have to you around. Go the composters. I think we’re gonna have to turn the whole backyard into a compost heap though. Hmm, will have to check out the Fuzzibunz.

  5. Chookie says:

    Hello :) Try They are pretty fun!

  6. Bonny says:

    Hi there
    I was just creating my own blog and decided to look at another to see how it’s done and found yours. I didn’t even know about blogs until last week so not sure if I’m doing the right thing.
    Have you tried Weenees Pouch Pants with biodegradable pads? Very cool.
    you can see them on the website The pads can go into your compost bin and breadkdown within 100 days.
    You just put them or a folded nappy into the Weenees and change as necessary (can even flush them down the loo)
    There’s a pouch that clips into the Weenees which the pad sits in and if this get’s soiled it can be replaced with a fresh one so you don’t have to wash the whole Weenees saving on washing, energy etc….

  7. Jessica says:

    I have a 6 month old baby girl myself, and being very environmentally conscious, I spent ages weighing up the options in the cloth vs disposable debate. And what I found is that hands down, cloth nappies are better for the environment, better for the baby and better for the hip pocket!

    I was worried about leaks from traditional terry square nappies, but discovered that there are now fitted cloth nappies available. They are called modern cloth nappies, and basically, they are shapped like a disposable with elastic legs and velcro around the waist, but washable cloth.
    In my experience, they leak less than disposables!

    I have started a webisite with heaps of information about them, which you can see at:

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