Goodbye Shelley

// August 23rd, 2005 // Culture

I was sad to see Shelley go from NZ Idol last night, but I admit she did deserve it. She had a certain magic with the camera that came through in the more intimate Top 24 shows, but vanished when she was on a huge stage with a live audience. Still I thought she gave it a good go. A little shocking to see Nik in the bottom 3 – does no one appreciate Stevie Wonder?!? I haven’t quite picked a favourite, but am supporting Keshia, Rosita, Teresa and Nik.

Yay for reality tv! Except Big Brother, which I resent for taking 6.5 hours from me every week. It’s like a part time job watching that show.

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  1. Joanna says:

    They’re my top four as well, although I am still really mournful that Lissel didn’t get through.

    I think the best part about Idol is talking about it to death.

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