Big Day

// August 22nd, 2005 // Life

Today is a very important day. Today I have given up coffee and alcohol for at least four months. All to maximise the chances of conception as the attempts at donor insemination start next month. (Apparently caffeine is not good for your fertility!) And each attempt costs $900!! So there’s a bit of pressure to be pretty fucking fertile!! 25% chance each time. If I haven’t conceived after three goes, then I get the DRUGS and prepare to welcome my septuplets…

I’ve instituted a walking regime as well to try and get moderately fit. I took the dog with me today and he barely made it, poor old fellow, I think he needs this exercise also!!

Thanks to the lack of caffiene I’m feeling a bit funny this afternoon, foggy and headachy. What’s a good herbal caffiene free alternative?

And tomorrow I am having this horrible procedure where they x-ray your fallopian tubes. It involves injecting fluid into your uterus.

All I can say is I better damn well be pregnant in four months time! Not just poor and sore!

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  1. samuel says:

    I have had some horrible coffee alternatives but i really like Red Bush (rooibus) tea with a little bit of milk. Mmmmm. High in nice mineral stuff too. Licorice tea is ok… watch out for green tea as most of them contain a bit of caffeine.

    ..and chai lattes are quite fun

    …and supreme decaf is yum (no honestly), but deacaf coffee still contains much of the harmful heavy metals and such that make coffee so bad for ya

  2. Joanna says:

    Oooh, exciting! Best of luck for everything. I really like lemongrass and ginger tea. It’s a bit spicey, but the ginger is good for any nausea.

    Although this post terrifies me – I guess I like to think that babies just arrive in a basket on the front doorstep, with no hassles for the mothers…

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