Fucked-Up Genius Composer

// August 29th, 2005 // Internets

you are Tom Waits!
Tom Waits… charismatic story-teller with a
penchant for freaky people and unusual
settings. You thrive on the concept of the
underdog coming out on top.

Which fucked-up genius composer are you?
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I’ve never liked Tom Waits ever since I heard a rumour that he used to abuse Rickie Lee Jones – I love Rickie Lee Jones.

Thanks Wanda.

4 Responses to “Fucked-Up Genius Composer”

  1. Jessie says:

    I got Captain Beefheart, which isn’t very relevant to me, but the blurb says “…you rank right up there with the likes of James Mangan, John Wilmot and Edvard Munch,” and I do like Edvard Munch.

  2. samuel says:

    You can’t hold Tom Waits being a wife beater against him (err no wait you can, thats a very logicasl thing to do). He’s one the greats! and he cleaned up his act after breaking up with Ricky Lee, got off the poison and became a an even better artist. He co-writes all his new songs with his wife so he’s probably learnt his lesson.

  3. gary brumley says:

    tom Waits is americas outsider folk writer actor treasure…any one whose music shows up on a documentary about Henry Darger has got to be the social conscience of our time……Gary Alan Brumley

  4. Alicia says:

    I sincerely doubt that rumor is true. They both were hardcore boozers and Jones got involved in heroin for a good minute there, but I’ve never heard anything about abuse between the two.

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