TradeMe Silliness

// July 20th, 2005 // Internets

A red paperclip is selling for… ooh, $82 now!

Some of the questions and answers are rather amusing.

Crazy what bored humans get up to.

UPDATE: It sold for $173.00

10 Responses to “TradeMe Silliness”

  1. acp says:

    outrageous …and to think i couldn’t even shift some old VHS movies on ebay!

  2. acp says:

    Great MashiMaro links in your clippings section. yay!

  3. richard westwood says:

    good viewing. i have cousins in melbourne. i have an australian
    shepherd dog named lucky luciano. she’s doing well at age seven.
    life can be a drag. sometimes it can be just too much though, and
    far too stimulating and exciting, so droll and boring is just fine.
    i’m not much for flying for dehavilland aircraft while people from
    borneo who work for the sultan of brunei shoot anti-aircraft missiles
    at me while we try to liberate the women held captive there.
    this is known as operation reuben sandwich. coming to a reality
    show near you soon.

  4. It’s been brought to my attention that you love red paperclips. I have one red paperclip.

    Oh, you’ll probably want to see this.



  5. acp says:

    yawn! that’s so been done!

  6. carl stevens says:

    i hate ebay it is a poo

  7. carl stevens says:

    poo hoo farted greg did it he smells like shane from trademe

  8. paul says:

    i love paperclips

  9. paul says:

    especially the red ones

  10. carl stevens says:

    emily is being a little (*****) and she hasnt written anything

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