// July 27th, 2005 // Life

I have decided to analyze my routines before and after the offspring to check any differences. The results may surprise you!

Before Children (B.C.)
Home from work at 6
Dinner at 8
Bed at 12:30 – 1am
Alarm goes off at 7:30am
Get up at 8:15am
Rush out the door very very late for work at 8:45am

After Children (A.C.)
Bath time at 6pm
Children to bed at 7pm
Dinner at 7:15pm
Bed at 11pm
Up at 7am or 8am depending on if it’s a kindy day or not

I actually get more sleep now than I did before I had children! But much less time playing computer games. It’s a trade off I guess. We’re just lucky that our kids have the Walker sleep in gene! For example Harry sleeps till 8 – 8:30 most mornings and gets very grumpy if you get him up any earlier. The other factor is that I became self employed around the same time as we procreated, so now I don’t have to be anywhere at 9:00am.

Life is good!

5 Responses to “Sleep”

  1. Martha says:

    With enough sleep I’d have unlimited kids. Without, 2 is just fine.

  2. MiramarMike says:

    procreated – cracking word
    I like the analysis … and I love the results.

  3. noizy says:

    oh for those sleep genes in my kids! up and about at 5.30am at the moment.

  4. hers says:

    It does change, believe me. This morning we got up at 11am. Honest! Of course the invasion of small persons happened at about 7:30am and 10:00 but at this point in his life, he knows when the grown ups mean business.

  5. rosie says:

    just so you know i have started posting on my blog again. Have nothing interesting to say however.

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