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The Warehouse in Lyall Bay is no longer the biggest one in the world! They’ve just opened a new 11,000-square-metre operation at Te Rapa, Hamilton.

The Warehouse wanted to make its stores more convenient and the Te Rapa store was a “laboratory”.

“Everyone has more disposable income and less time,” Mr Morrice said.

The Warehouse innovations at Te Rapa include five information kiosks, wider aisles and six helpers for shoppers.

A Grab and Go section offers bread, milk, eggs, magazines and heat-and-eat meals.

However, the store was not the hypermarket concept under development, Mr Morrice said.

That concept – to compete more directly with supermarkets – was still under development. read full story

The HYPERMARKET! You would really lose track of time inside that puppy!

4 Responses to “Outdone”

  1. Jessie says:

    Big boxes are bad.

    And what’s all this about more money and less time?? Last time I checked I had a lot less money and way too much time.

  2. samuel says:

    Hi Emikly and Jank. i’m really drunk in queenstown (very drunk) with wireless free internet!!!!! how cool is that, just turned on the lappy and away it went.

    hey Jess, i heard you was now doing some part tine at FMR? well if thats true then welcome to the family.


    go airport extreme

  3. Karen says:

    Hey Jesse, you are indeed a person after my own heart! I too suffer from too much time and very litttle funds, oh the cruel irony of it all! Why must we suffer so! ;-)

  4. Jessie says:

    Sam, you heard correct – I was doing some temp work at FMR. But I’ve moved on from there now… ask Matt if you’re interested :)

    Karen, the only solution is to turn one’s back on shopping. Except where it’s unavoidable, for things like toothpaste.

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