One Emptiness

// July 22nd, 2005 // Moviesandtv

Me and Jan finally watched Team America: World Police tonight and it was so fucking great. I am absolutely hysterical now from laughter, oh, and also we drank some WINE, so I might be a teensy bit tiddly. But regardless, there is something special about watching a three minute scene of a puppet vomiting. And watching most every landmark in the world exploding. And of course, surely the world’s first puppet sex scene. It may be childish – it may be stupid – but it’s damn funny.

And was it my imagination, or was Kim Jong Il basically Eric Cartman?

I shall leave you with the immortal lyrics from the aforementioned sex scene:

I need this, I need love, I need you
I don’t need one heartbeat, I need two
There’s an emptiness I need to fill
and only one emptiness will do.

Only a woman can brighten up my day
Only a woman can touch me the right way
Only a woman is allowed to touch me there
All I ask is that you’re a woman

Hmm, I might write all my posts slightly tiddly from now on, it’s quite fun…

4 Responses to “One Emptiness”

  1. rosie says:

    har har hra, so brilliant. I also like the song “pearl harbour sux and I miss you” and “freedom isn’t free, there’s a hefty fuckin fee” and of course the team america theme tune (fuck yeah).

    I tastlessly watched it the on the day of the london terrorist attacks……

    …..”Areck Bal-wen”…. “the greatest actor of all time!”…. “I was raped by Mr Mistoffelees…”…….”I just think about the saddest day of my life (ooh oh ahh!)”……”I promiss you, i’ll never die”……”matt damon”

    so good! I’m chuckling at school now, he he he.

  2. Alan says:

    Didn’t Meet The Feebles have a sex scene in it? Maybe they count as muppets, not puppets…

  3. chris says:

    and puppet vomiting too i believe. I liked all the hokey product placement in Team America

  4. emily says:

    Okay, it’s a fine distinction between puppets and marionettes I guess. First time for marionettes, rip off from Meet the Feebles for puppets.

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