On Technology

// July 21st, 2005 // Internets, Obsessions

My Palm Pilot is broken: It won’t charge up anymore and is flat out of batteries. Is is the Palm? Is it the cradle? Will I ever go paperless geocaching again?

I want a Canon 350D: After playing with David’s 300D last weekend, I can’t stop thinking about that luscious silky black body, and that smoothly rotating zoomy lens, and that heart stoppingly gorgeous multi-point focus display… Love is strange…

And today I learned that seeing people from the blog world in the flesh is a very enjoyable activity. They can tell you who the Auckland drugs bust sports celebrities are WITH THEIR VOICE and no judge can throw them in prison for contempt. Also they make great scones – thanks for having us, it was very fun.

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  1. Martha says:

    And thank you for coming, it was lovely to see you all!

    Will be dropping more unsubtle hints about who the naughty drug dealers are as they come to light. Problem with not being in an office is you miss all that water-cooler gossip.

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