First Houseguests

// July 4th, 2005 // Life

Got some very good friends Karen & Dennis, and their boy Fred, arriving to stay from Auckland today. They will be our first official houseguests (of course Noo Noo has slept on the couch a few hundred times!) Their arrival has actually got us sorting out some things – finally unpacked the rest of the boys’ toys and finished the decoration in the boys’ rooms. I got Archie a huge Monsters Inc poster which he loves. Now I just have to tidy up my office (a rather momentous task I’m afraid).

I am battling a bit of a sore throat sadly. Ouch!

6 Responses to “First Houseguests”

  1. Noo Noo says:

    I’ve slept on the sofa mostly cos I’m babysitting, not because I’m a pathetic homeless person, I would just like to say!

  2. acp says:

    what does it take to get offered a whole bed?

  3. MiramarMike says:

    Welcome to your guests

    Hey Jem, whats the URL for your RSS feed – it won’t load in my Firefox with the one at the footer of your page.

  4. acp says:

    always wondered what is the point of the feeds?

  5. emily says:

    Hi Mike, dunno what’s up with the feeds, they have gone screwy. I’ll have to dig a bit deeper for the problem.

    And acp, the feeds are very useful if you read FAR TOO MANY blogs, cos you can add them to feedreader software and just see the ones that have been updated, you know, blah blah.

  6. acp says:

    ok, ta.
    just wondered coz firefox has the “live bookmark” icon in the bottom right hand corner

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