Constructive Criticism

// July 11th, 2005 // Life

Two people have said to me recently that my blog is not as “topical” as it once was, and I have to take that criticism on board. It seems every time I sit down to write a post, I am uninspired! But I will endeavour to improve.

On this note, let me detail our exciting weekend for you loyal readers. Saturday morning began with breakfast at Eva Dixon’s at the Zoo. I highly recommend this cafe for anyone with toddlers – I’ve never been to one before where the toddlers have a tantrum when you go to leave! They even have meerkats. And great coffee.

It was a bit of a farewell breakfast for Karen, Den & Fred who were heading back to Auckland after an exciting five days in Welly. The boys both loved having Fred around! And we loved having his parents, even if an inordinate amount of Burger Wisconsin was consumed.

Saturday afternoon we took the boys and their uncles Glyn & Sam to see Madagascar. It was Harry’s first trip to the flicks. Archie and Harry both had a great time, but you had to keep a constant stream of chippies going to get them to sit still. Us adults enjoyed the movie but nothing very astounding. Better as a kiddie flick I’m afraid.

We took Glyn up to Paraparaumu on Sunday (he’ll be returning next week) and then spent a fun day with the offspring going to the beach, a bit of geocaching and McDonalds.

There are treemen at our house today trimming back two huge poplars in our backyard. Hopefully we’ll get a bit more winter sun now.

In other news I scored a big 300GB hard drive as payment for a job – yay – and we had a night out on Thursday at Rasa – highly recommended Malaysian – cheap and delicious.

Is that topical enough for ya?

3 Responses to “Constructive Criticism”

  1. acp says:

    aw, well i like the mix of goings on in JemsLand with fun posts. It’s great getting the updates on JemFamily life; especially welcome due to the distance now parting us.

    hugs to all!

  2. samuel says:

    Thanks ems.

    I am going nuts in webland as I can’t seem to find a single news post on the G8 summit. What went on there? anything? The only news is on and thats just a whole lot of self serving protest stuff. i mean i like that site and all but it can feel a little errrrrrrr, ummmm like a left wing robot in ananorak malfunctioning outside a police station. I don’t know what i meant by that but I’m sorry about my ‘not topical’ comment… my blog is a disgrace. Not even really a blog.

  3. Jessie says:

    Hey Sam, try searching somewhere like technorati – might give you a few leads.

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