Shortland St Update

// June 1st, 2005 // Lesbian, Moviesandtv, Obsessions

Last night Maia dumped Jay’s sorry ass, rightfully, after catching her in bed with Norman… and Li Mei asked the question “what’s wrong with a jar and a turkey baster?”

But of course no one answered her.

Then she went crazy and called Jay “a lesbian ho bag”!

Oh well, it was all quite entertaining anyway.

Now we’ll wait eagerly to see if Jay is pregnant from her virginity-losing, one night stand with no thought as to her fertility cycle. My bet… of course she is!!

Best quote:

Uh-oh, there’s trouble in lezzie-land!

8 Responses to “Shortland St Update”

  1. acp says:

    oh surprise, surprise!

  2. acp says:

    watch now as one character becomes straight and the other suddenly disappears or becomes completely a-sexual.

  3. Karen says:

    Hey acp Australians aren’t allowed to criticise Shorty! ;-)

  4. Lynne says:

    She lost her virginity to a man called “Norman” ?
    Nuff said really.

    Plus, ACP is right, one will go straight & the other will become celibate ; )

  5. rosie says:

    Hey do have the OC in nz? Well I love it and there has been some trouble in lezzie land there too. Rather two REALLY attractive girls (one bi-sexual one experimenting) got it on and moved in together exept they never got it on properly they just kept giving each other smoldering looks… for about 2 months! channel ten kept promissing “hot girl on girl action..” then the bi-sexual one Alex got all possessive over Marissa and tried to beat up her ex boyf Ryan at the bonfire and then they broke up and now Marissa and Ryan might get back together except his brother trey has just got out of prison and might get in the way and summer thinks they are no good together anyway and alex (bi-sexual) has disappeared…….. trey is moving into her apartment. Ant you know what I am talking about. I’m actually excited that Marissa and Ryan might get back together, I like him despite worlds worst hair-do:like a backwards toupe.

  6. acp says:

    Karen: Oh, I wasn’t criticising Shorty as such, was just showing my experience with TV viewing and disapointment at how G&L characters are so short lived. Often just the superficial product of a ratings boost attempt, then falling victim to mainstream conservatism, like so much other storyline fodder before them. Big Yay! to Shorty for going there in the first place :)

    Rosie: Amzing how much of that I knew from just seeing the ad’s and bits while channel surfing. I am definitely holding my next cheer leading meet at a bonfire on the beach while my ex’s battle it out with only glares and pseudo-punk outfits from Rodeo Drive ;-)

  7. Karen says:

    Ok acp I will let you off this time.
    Of course we Kiwis (actually me in particular) are a little sensitive about the fact that SS was tossed off Australian screens after airing for a very short time. And yes you do appear to be knowledgeable in matters of TV soap scripting…….though I am crossed fingered that your soothsaying will not come to fruition.

  8. samuel says:

    everyone on the OC is so hot… i can’t watch it. its too racey! ooo yuck did anyone see Tom and Katie on Oprah. Shes off my christmass list. Oprah makes me want to barf, its the show that makes americans think they’re liberal. yes its very liberal to have plastic surgery, show off how wealthy you and go to book club. Your saving the world. Oh dear I’m ranting about nothing…blog forumitus.

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