Dooce Is Funny

// June 22nd, 2005 // Internets, Life

Somehow Heather of Dooce can communicate certain truths of parenthood that make one laugh and cry with empathy, eg:

While in the care of Jon’s younger sister Leta learned to climb stairs. His sister would make her crawl after the Barbie Corvette up a full flight of stairs from the basement at least four times every morning before her first bottle. So now she can move herself from one floor of a building to another. Great. Why not hand her a loaded gun and teach her how to aim it MY LIFE WOULD BE JUST AS MISERABLE. The chain of parenthood just got tighter around my neck as now I actually have to pay attention more than half of the time.

I love Heather.

One day I will write an original post again instead of just blockquoting large bits of other people’s writing – creativity is not my strong point at the moment.

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  1. Alan says:

    Her monthly letters to Leta are beautiful too.

    On my blog I try to be humorous, and sometimes succeed… but I’ll never match her dedication to screamingly funny depictions of defecation in all its, er, glory.

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