Shortland Street Loses The Plot

// May 31st, 2005 // Lesbian, Moviesandtv, Obsessions

Far be it from me to speak evil of Shortland Street, but what are the writers thinking with the latest plot for our fave lesbian couple, Maia and Jay?

Why on earth would any lesbian worthy of the name think it was necessary to sleep with a bloke in order to get pregnant? Jay even mentioned the jar and the syringe, but then next minute it was all, “let’s go to bed”! Why on earth did they never discuss what their partners would think of this idea? Let alone the fact that the poor girl has obviously put no thought into where she is in her cycle or whether she is ovulating or not!

Sorry, Shorty, I just can’t go along with this one.

A friend of mine suggested the other day that Shorty has got very “Grange Hill” at the moment. While watching Jake hang his giant “Jake + Claire 4 Eva” banner from a warehouse and then almost falling to his death, I was forced to concur!

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  1. rosie says:

    oh dear, not only is shortlands streets writing SHIT it is also recycled. I rememer about 10 years ago on shorty there was a couple that couldn’ have a baby ( may not have been lesbos, maybe just one infertile partner) and so one of them slept with the sperm donor to have baby and then it caused all this drama and awkwardness, NO SHIT! How stupid, some people have no idea. When I explain about brother sister lesbian spem scenario lots of people say “wasn’t it weird when they had sex?” No because they didn’t FOOLS!

    By they way my friend from cellamasters in sydney used to star on grange hill when she was a teenager, cool eh?

  2. Martha says:

    I think they’re just going along with that whole “lesbians just haven’t found the right man thing” that a small proportion of middle New Zealand believes. There doesn’t seem to be the same mentality for gay guys.

  3. samuel says:

    Well they’re not a very convincing couple in my opinion anyway and the show has been rubbish this year (although its always rubbish unless you watch it everyday i guess). A weirder thing I have noticed regarding homosexuality(what a long word!) on tv is that the gay couple who got booted off the Amazing Race last week never kiss each other on the lips…. were they asked to do this by the producers? it seems likely to me.

    The theme from Grange Hill was awesome.

  4. Karen says:

    He he!
    I love that story line, and I laughed and I laughed! He he!
    (Though I do have to agree with you about the ridiculousness of the ovulation factor.)
    Maybe, just maybe ye olde worlde lesbos are just a little sensitive about the sex thing…….don’t worry about it, run with it baby, Shorty St. is just great soap! Nothing more.

    kisses k xxx
    ps I got an email from Laki and Jonathan and they are going to get married next year in NZ. Laki has asked me to be his Best Man! Ha ha

  5. Karen says:

    me again, who is the obnoxious ‘dxd’, anyone you know?
    And why would they call you bloody fabulous shot of Island Bay “BORNING”.
    What does it all mean? Sorry would have posted a comment at the picture but can’t be bothered to register……

  6. emily says:

    I don’t object to lesbians having sex with men, I’m sure it happens all the time, but there wasn’t any desire factor involved, it was just for baby making purposes, which is STOOPID!

    I guess I am a bit sensitive only because it’s annoying when people assume Jan & Jake had sex to concieve our kids – annoying and also EEK!!

    No idea who dxd is – I think maybe someone who entertains themselves by adding random meaningless comments? Anyway you should join Karen as it is COOL and since you will be getting your digicam and all…

  7. acp says:

    when i have explained “Uncle Daddy” to people, they don’t tend to ask about the insemination bit but rather they seem to get confused over just whose brother Jake is; seemingly missing the “partner’s brother” bit and that it’s not the “birth mother’s brother”. but then maybe they are picturing some kind of physical act and getting all spun out in their head. hmm. although i do always use the term “sperm donor” which would indicate “jar and the syringe” to me, rather than “zi-zi in cha-cha”!

    oh and thanks for the Amazing Race spoiler Sam :( boo hoo

    if you look at the rest of dxd’s pic descriptions and comments, they all seem to be in another language. so it could be some kind of compliment in arabic or whatnot :)

  8. rosie says:

    who are you acp? and yeah sam, ruin it for the rest of us. the gay couple were my favourite, I think we’re behind over here. Acp I agreee on uncle daddy difficult explanation. Even the most open minded people seem to get confused and think emily and jake had baby, it’s really not that complicated but find I have to explain everything in a particular order to not confuze people. There is a lot of :

    “emily is my sister:”


    “jan is her partner”


    “jake is my brother”

    “..yup… (mmm crayon yummy…)…”

    “jake donated sperm and jan had the baby”

    “your brother and sister did it?! ooh gross, is that weird?”


    most of them get it the end and say:

    “oh wow what a cool thing to do, they should write that into an episode of shortland st”

  9. samuel says:

    I explained uncle daddy to one guy…then later told him that wee Archie was a memeber of the mighty down syndrome clan and he suggested that this was because of the ‘imoral behaviour’. I am no longer friends with this person.

  10. Karen says:

    That dxd what a ratbag! My favourite photo of yours at the moment is the ‘Spooky Park’, very moody and such beautiful composition darling.
    On another note completely unrelated………
    I have been meaning to tell you that all your menus seem to be working spiffingly in Safari…….haven’t encountered a problem yet. And they are rather a fabulous edition to your blog, so good job and thanks for keeping us Mac minorities in the user loop!
    And speaking of Macs, Fred’s Kindy has one, how flash I say! Yay, mediocrity is not an option at St James! He he ;-)

  11. Karen says:

    Actually I am also rather fond of your new series of Sixties Buildings photos on The Terrace, In particular the one that includes the pedestrian crossing light is bloody fabulous! I had never noticed before how crazily beautiful those ped. lights are…..or maybe it is just because it is Orange!

  12. Karen says:

    Hmmm, just discovered that your ‘Leave a Reply’ clock is 1 hour fast today!

  13. MiramarMike says:

    I suspect it’s because it gets people watching – it’s entertainment and not a documentary or even anything “social commentary”. If having sex with anything would bring in more vieweers then they’d write it in.

  14. acp says:


    acp = ant


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