Rough Night

// May 31st, 2005 // Life

Had a terrible night’s sleep last night. Archie woke up about 10 times between 12:30 and 2am, as he is flu-ridden at the moment. Much Panadol and cuddles were dispensed. Finally got off to sleep myself aroun 2:15am, and then at 5:30am a bloody car alarm went off in the street! Jan went to investigate, some of the neighbours were dealing, and I managed to drop back off. I dreamed about the car alarm and the neighbours until my alarm went off at 7am. But in my dream, the car alarm got stopped, and in reality it was STILL GOING OFF!! Finally it stopped around 7:30am.

How could this happen? Shouldn’t the police come and TURN THE F**KING THING OFF?!?!

On a happy note, today I get my new gold tooth! Gangsta!

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