Parental Contact Advised

// May 6th, 2005 // Life

I am getting a little excited, cos tonight we are actually going out on the town! An old friend, Lyndee-Jane, is taking us out to dinner and a show (Drag Kings at Downstage). We have a babysitter and everything, just like real grown-up parent types. Thank god for mobile phones though. I remember babysitting as a teenager with NO PARENT CONTACT NUMBER – imagine that.

I went downtown today to buy some computer supplies, and wandered around Cuba Mall very briefly. It was so cosmopolitan! Lovely little clothes shops and interesting looking shops and a great comic shop. I can’t believe I have lived here for nearly two months and haven’t got to Cuba Mall yet – children can take a great toll on one’s shopping you know.

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  1. Martha says:

    I remember babysitting once and the child puked everywhere (much like my house at the moment) and I called the parents and they refused to come home. Bloody wankers. Turned out the kid had chicken pox WHICH THEY KNEW ABOUT. So they left me to clean up the sick.

    My other regular job by boyfriend at the tie ;-) used to bring around all his dodgy mates.

    Sorry, not trying to make you nervous. Just reminiscing. Can’t seem to spell reminising. reminicsing. Ah whaddever.

  2. Martha says:

    Sorry, not boyfriend at the tie. Time.

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