I Bow Down To Mark Hamill

// May 24th, 2005 // Life

Which One Is Your God?

Just discovered a very amusing anti-Star Wars Christian page entitled The Force Is A Tool Of Satan. Here are some of the highlights:

Do not trust a Yodah puppet from Satan’s dream factory, trust in the Word of the Bible!

Since 1999 we warned that the end times will be upon us with THE SEVENTH SEQUEL – and that time is now. Do you have a collection of the Star Wars figures and idols? Do you watch the Star Wars- religiously?

Jesus will lead us in a real star war – between the armies of Heaven and Satan. Believers will “beam” up to the Starship in the sky, and Captain Jesus shall lead a thousand year Federation of Planets before Judgment Day.

Captain Jesus, boldly going where no messiah has gone before!

I wonder what they would say about my collection of the Xena, Warrior Princess figures and idols?

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  1. Jason says:

    How can some people be like this crap, “If you enjoy life you going to…
    HELL!!!” I may not be christain (more muslim infact, a religion were idol
    worship is much more bad charma) and I love Star Wars.

    The idea of the force is a good religious idea than christainity because
    you don’t have to believe in good and can still be save by just realizing
    the light side is more powerful. By the Jedi saying the Force is every where
    is like god being every were which god is. Also by the Jedi saying the light
    side is more powerful because is take more comentment and peace is
    the forgiving god that christains and muslims worship alike.

    May the Force be with you.

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