Wellington Meme

// April 22nd, 2005 // Internets

Never one to go with the crowd, Mike has instead created his own meme! Sorry it’s taken me so long to do it, but here goes, from the POV of a recent returnee…

1: Where do you go when the rain/sun comes?
Haven’t been back long enough to have a routine! But the next sunny free day, I want to take the family and do the Writer’s Walk around the harbour – that wasn’t there when I left. And the next free rainy day I’d head off to Te Papa, where I have NEVER BEEN!

2: What’s your favourite view?
I love the view from Brooklyn, looking over Newtown, the city and out to the harbour – mind you there’s a great view from Tinakori Hill too – too many good views in this town.

3: The thing that annoys you the most about Wellington?
The heating bills.

4: How do you handle the wind?
Don’t have long hair. Go with the breeze instead of resisting it. Learn to love the brisk!

5: Most famous Wellingtonian you know?
My brother Sam, soon to be b-Net Male Fox of the Year.

6: The thing that people say about Wellington that really gets you angry?
That it’s too small – it’s just the right size!

7: Where does Wellington end for you?
I’m an all encompassing type, so I’d say at the foothills of the Rimutakas on SH2, and at Pukerua Bay on SH1. Gotta have Plimmerton as part of Wellington, it’s so pretty.

8: If Wellington were a famous person, who would it be?
Jude Law – very beautiful, a little mysterious, sometimes a bit too cool for its own good.

9: What do you feel/think when you return to Wellington?
Always struck by its beauty.

10: Best quote about Wellington?
The Muttonbirds have a great song called Wellington, I listened to it a lot when I was obsessed with moving back. Here is an excerpt.

I wish I was in Wellington, the weather’s not so good.
The wind it cuts right through you and it rains more than it should.
But I’d be there tomorrow, if I only could,
Oh I wish I was in Wellington.

I wish I was in Wellington, the bureaucracy,
The suits and the briefcases along Lambton Quay.
The Harbour City Capital, the lights beside the sea,
Oh I wish I was in Wellington.

I wish I was in Wellington, the cafes and the bars.
The music and the theatre, and the old Cable Car,
And you can walk everywhere, ’cause nowhere’s very far,
Oh I wish I was in Wellington.

3 Responses to “Wellington Meme”

  1. samuel says:

    cool storm tonight huh guys? real wellington stuff with thunder, lightning and a freezing antarctic wind to give ya the jibblys

  2. MiramarMike says:

    Jude Law, nice. It can have the “too cool for it’s own good” thing going down sometimes.

  3. MiramarMike says:

    Oh, and yes, blinkin’ freezing at the mo’ so the jibblys are staying inside and well wrapped up – but there goes the heating bill!

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