NZ PSP Release Date Announced

// April 28th, 2005 // Toys

Sony has finally announced that the official release date for the PlayStation Portable is Thursday, September 1st. The PSP will only be available in New Zealand as part of a Value Pack that will include the PlayStation Portable system with a pouch, 32MB Memory Stick Duo, Battery Pack, Headphones with Remote Control, AC Adaptor, Wrist strap, cloth and a video/music/game sampler Universal Media Disc (UMD) including several non-interactive game demos. The RRP of the PSP Value Pack is $469.95.

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  1. acp says:

    oh gawd, that’s hideously expensive. more than a proper ps2, aiyoh! personally, i would wait until at least the second re-incarnation/build of such a thing, so they can iron out all the bugs the general user population will find and improve things like battery life [which are always an issue]… also then I could see if I really had a need for portable gaming. Luck! with the inevitable struggle you will be going thru over this ;-)

  2. Lynne says:


  3. dbs says:

    i dont see the problem, i mean a creative mp3 player is 500$ and only does one function along with storage, but a psp will play videos, games ,view photos and act as an mp3 player, and is said to have better quality picture then a normal ps2 and dvd player coz of the plazma screen, and not to mention it is a portable device u could take newhere, i would say not bad for 500$. reply



    hi i think that psp looks great…this guy brang a psp to school from china.
    man it looks awesome!

    the battery life at the moment is said to run for 6hrs and the quility to a ps2, psp is way better.

    well thanks! REP SW

  5. CJ says:

    Damn thats dare

    but i dont really care as long as i can get 1 soon.from what i’ve heard its way better than a PS2:-)

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