Mrs Palm

// April 29th, 2005 // Geekery, Life

I have just received my latest technological item from TradeMe – an old Palm Pilot. Actually it’s a Palm M500, 8MB of memory with a slot for an SD card, and greyscale screen. So nothing too fancy, but a whole new world for this Palm virgin! Am writing madly with my “stylus” on my “touchscreen” and still trying to get my head around synching with Outlook, let alone net connection over the mobile phone? Hmm. I’ve actually bought it for geocaching purposes. Rather than printing out a cache’s details, you can store the info for all the caches in New Zealand on an 8MB Palm – paperless caching is a good thing.

It’s my grandmother’s birthday today – she would have been 89. My aunt Deborah and my mum are coming over for a sort of rememberance lunch today.

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