Falling Apart

// April 7th, 2005 // Geekery, Life

Well, I certainly am having a fun 24 hours. First I discovered that Xtra count my uploads towards my monthly quota. With the result that I am over my limit already due to some keen bit-torrenting. Dammit! Then Jan’s computer falls over. Then this morning I go to turn on my laptop and it is completely dead, kaput, no lights, nothing. After half an hour on the phone to Dell (and a lot of unscrewing things and taking them out – scary), they decide my motherboard is fried!! So a Dell technician is coming out tomorrow. Thank god. It’s taken me a good chunk of the day to get Jan’s PC up and running, and connected to the net. Lucky we have a second one (workwise).

Also I have been having a very strange ailment where I have gone kind of tingly and numb all down the right side of my body! Not completely numb, just kind of funny feeling. I went to the doctor and she says to wait and see what happens, as I don’t have any impairment to movement, it’s all sensory. They’re doing a complete blood workup. All very strange! The doc says quite often these things just go again and you never find out what they were. However I can recommend NOT Googling “tingly side numb face” – that just leads to madness!! I’ll keep you updated – blood results back on Monday. I have to go to A&E if it goes completely numb or if I lose any movement though.

So computer and body falling apart simultaneously – strangely appropriate.

4 Responses to “Falling Apart”

  1. Lynne says:

    You have my “falling to pieces” illness.
    Best wishes for all the bits (including PC bits) to get well fast.

  2. llew says:

    I had (sometimes still have) the tingly one side goes numb thing – turned out it’s a pinched nerve – a painless visit to a chiropracter once every 2 months keeps me limber now.

  3. emily says:

    Ooh, that sounds good, much rather go to the chiropractor than the neurologist!

  4. MiramarMike says:

    Think I could handle the tingling of the body but the thought of losing all my life’s memories (photos, clippings, emails …) on te PC fills me with horror.

    Gonna do a back-up this w/e!

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