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It is cold! I think my blood has thinned in the twelve years in Sydders. I am seriously considering central heating for the house. It’s the humane way to live! Some friends of my mum’s have just got a heat exchange system, apparently they cost 3 and a half thousand to install, but then are quite cheap to run. Sounds good as our power bills are MUCH higher here – a combo of higher rates and higher usage due to heating I guess. We just got our first one – $250 for six weeks – scary!

So I’m trying to find out more about this heat exchange thingy, anyone got any knowledge?

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  1. nelly says:

    It’s called a Heat Pump.

  2. MiramarMike says:

    Central heating: It’s the correct and proper way to live. WHen I win Lotto (if I ever buy a ticket) that’s top of the list … next to the private theatre and bar.

  3. Karen says:

    yo babe, that is a hideous amt to pay for electrickity….. sounds like you need a visit from the tight-ass power conserving duo of Den and Karen…..our last power bill was $60.00. We can show you the way the truth and the light! Anyways I am back on line baby….with Mac inhouse.

    Actually am having a little brain drain dilema, as am trying to remember the name of an American Hip Hop group…..around about 1990, very light poppy hip hop (as in not your Ice T or P E of the era) and they did a song ’3 is the magic muber’, as well as other fabulous ditties. I used to have their album and in a fit of cleaning out got rid of it a couple of years ago and now i want it back! Any stirrings in that wonderous brain of yours?

  4. acp says:

    Hi Karen… De La Soul perhaps :) Ant

  5. samuel says:

    Yup De La Soul…..from the album Three Feet High and Rising.

  6. Martha says:

    Our first power bill upon having a baby was $440 for one month. We almost died as that is in fact close to our income… The house had no insulation though. In this place it hovers around $200-300 per month. It is horrible, but being cold is worse. We’ve just had a gas fire installed – will let you know how that pans out. Cost about 2500 all up I think – which on balance makes the heat pump probably a better move.

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