The Nui

// March 28th, 2005 // Life

Great trip to the Nui. (Jan’s new name for Wanganui – its time has come)

Noo Noo came down and babysat while Jan & I had a night away from the kiddies. We…

  • went to Max & Autumn’s art show and bought 5 paintings! (Reproduced below)
  • saw Jan’s mother Dee in a stage production of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole – she was the highlight of the show
  • ate Maccas with Jan’s brother Chris, his other half Brenda and Jan’s nephews and nieces
  • found two geocaches
  • witnessed a three car pileup directly in front of us on State Highway 1 (no one was injured)

Lovely to go and even lovelier to get back to our boys… except I have to do some work today, wah…

3 Responses to “The Nui”

  1. Mike says:

    Great paintings – who did you say they are by?

  2. Jessie says:

    Kudos.. I’m heading up there this weekend :)

  3. emily says:

    The last two paintings are by an old friend of Jan’s, Max McGrail. The first three are by his daughter Autumn, who is Jan’s god-daughter. They participated in Wanganui’s Open Studios at Easter weekend. Amazing artists, both of them!

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