The Academy Beyonces

// March 2nd, 2005 // Culture

We watched our recording of the Oscars last night, or as they shall now be known, the Academy Beyonces. How many times could that woman sing? And why couldn’t she also sing Antonio Banderas’ number? At least this year we could fast forward the songs.

Fashion-wise I thought Kate Winslet was looking gorgeous, Renee Zellweger was far too skinny but had a fantastic dress, and what has happened to Julia Roberts’ breasts? I guess that’s what having twins does to you. Prince and Johnny Depp were the only men I saw who had bothered to wear something more interesting than a tux. Chris Rock did a good job too, and I enjoyed the new system of presenting some awards out in the seating area, some with all the nominees on stage etc – gave it some variety – but I don’t think it really saved much time. Why don’t they just cut all the Beyonce bits? Now that would trim it down!

My little experiment with not doing any research was pretty successful, ended up picking 12 of the 24. I was shocked about Scorcese missing out for Director and Picture, though I do think Clint deserved it more for that picture this year. I just feel for poor old Marty! I’m very glad Hilary won, but her speech was AWFUL. Jamie Foxx’s was far superior. The best acceptance speech ever was the Best Song winner – who just sang a verse from his winning song! Nice one, though it probably wouldn’t work so well if it were Counting Crows.

All in all a very enjoyable night. Now I have a year to ponder how on earth to stage the Oscar party next year when the Oscars aren’t on telly until 10:30pm!

3 Responses to “The Academy Beyonces”

  1. lynne says:

    Damn, I missed Prince.

  2. emily says:

    Oh well, he just presented an award… all the performing went to Beyonce, of course.

    And I now know that Prince is shit at reading an autocue.

  3. llew says:

    If King Kong gets nominated, they’ll screen earlier.

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