// March 9th, 2005 // Life

The mummies, two kids, two cats and a dog are all moved into the new house. Day one (our stuff from Auckland arriving) went great. We had it 90% sorted out and the house looked lovely. Then on day two the rest of it arrived from Sydney (138 packages!!!) and it all fell into utter overloaded chaos! Piles of boxes everywhere. Children are not having a good day either. Much whining, tantrums and refusal to go to sleep is adding to moving stress. But we will get there in the end!

Newtown is great. There is a supermarket five minutes walk away, nice coffee at the end of the road, I even said good morning to a passerby with Down Syndrome yesterday, and the Gay & Lesbian Fair is on Saturday. We feel right at home!

On dialup at the moment but hopefully the ADSL will be on tomorrow and the cable tv also.

Now if we can just start unpacking those boxes of Xena action figures…

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  1. Lynne says:

    Be sure to tell Miss Jan that I bought a Frankenfurter action figure.
    I keep having to seperate him and Calisto. Plus Xena doesn’t like the way he looks at Gab.

    Yes, I have too much time on my hands.

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