// March 3rd, 2005 // Life

Harry's HatEvidence is mounting that Harry is my dead grandfather, Andrew Frank Walker, reincarnated.

For a start, he has developed an absolute obsession with a blue flannel hat that we bought him from the Warehouse. Exactly the sort my Poppa wore every day of his life. If you take the hat off his head, he screams. If you put him to bed with the hat on, and it falls off, he screams. This morning I went into his room to get him up, and he was clutching the hat and demanding it be put on tout suite!

He also bears a definite physical resemblance.

Then the kicker came yesterday, when Jan looked out the window and saw him wandering around the front yard with his flannel hat and a toy golf club.

Welcome back, Poppa!

3 Responses to “Karma”

  1. Fi says:

    Hi there – just letting you know I’ve found you because I’ve been stickybeaking (thanks to Techorati) and that I enjoyed reading your blog :)

    PS: My Poppa had a flannel hat like that, but it was white with “DB” embroidered on it (as in Dominion Breweries) on it and a brown band. I can picture him clearly.

  2. acp says:

    Perhaps his head is cold :)

  3. house_monkey says:

    That’s a pretty cool hat.

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