Half Blood Infringement Princess

// March 31st, 2005 // Books, Life, Obsessions

To celebrate the end of my big project, Jan & I & the kids went to the mega Warehouse by the airport. And while there I saw an ACTUAL POSTER for Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince! With a release date! Somehow all the info on the internet does not seem real until one sees physical evidence, and then one can really get excited!

That morning I found a ticket on our car that had been parked outside our house! Apparently it is an infringement to be “parked facing the wrong direction” – and Wellington City Council will police this vigorously at 10:07pm on a back street of Newtown! Crazy. I won’t be doing that again, $40 has taught me my lesson.

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  1. acp says:

    Gee, I had heard speak of such an infringement, but have never actually heard of someone really getting such a ticket. Well done for busting a potential urban myth ;-) [seeing the bright side and all that]

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