Androgynous Brain

// March 21st, 2005 // Life

Just did a very interesting test on how your brain works at the BBC website. A series of tests determine whether your brain works in a male or female way. Seems like I am just about average for a woman – right on the 50/50 line.

emily's Results

It’s a pretty fascinating test – quite long though. Do it!

10 Responses to “Androgynous Brain”

  1. Mike says:

    Crickey, took me ages – it’s a big test eh.
    And I’m …. I’m – aaaagh, where’s my result gone?

  2. Asher says:

    I’m exactly in the middle – Not surprising, really, I guess I always knew I was in touch with my feminine side.

    This bit was interesting:
    “You associated 25 word(s) with GREY and you named 12 word(s) that mean happy. We are assuming that all the words you entered are correct. Scientists will be analysing your results in more detail.
    Average score: 6 – 10 words

    What do your results suggest?

    If you produced 1 – 5 words: You are more of the strong, silent type with a male brain. You probably find it easier to express yourself in non-verbal ways, preferring action rather than words.

    If you produced 6 – 10 words: Most people in this range have a female-type brain.”

    So I guess I’m much more wordy than most?

  3. Asher says:

    Oh, by “in the middle” I mean on the zero, not in the middle of the male side.

  4. Jessie says:

    I got zero too.

    I forgot to put commas between my ‘grey’ words though, so they only counted as one.

  5. acp says:

    25 Male

  6. Ren says:

    scarily, I got 0, right in the middle

  7. samuel says:

    I’m way over in the feminine side..which is news to me but i guess I must be a lady these days

  8. Lynne says:

    Bloody PCOS, I was 50 into the male side! Damn hormone imbalance.

    3D shapes

    This task tested your ability to mentally rotate 3D shapes.

    Your score: 11 out of 12
    If you scored 10 – 12: Are you an engineer or do you have a science background? People with these skills tend to score in this range. Past studies have concluded that people in this range have a more male brain.

    Do I look like an engineer? Swans off in frock and heels.

  9. acp says:

    I got 12 out of 12 for that 3D blocky section… very pleased with me!

    I didn’t spend all those hours playing Tetris and not learn a little something about rotating virtual 3D blocks in my mind. I must have known this day would come! ;-)

  10. Lynne says:

    I think my ability to rotate shapes came from sewing and knitting and fashion college. After all, you do need to visualise a garment in 3D in order to construct it (that’s my excuse & I’m sticking to it!)

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