Those Crazy Wellingtonians

// February 17th, 2005 // Life

My starting point was Llew’s comment, then to MiramarMike, then to the Wellingtonist – imagine my surprise to see Jemsweb popping up in people’s blogroll’s left, right and right justified. What a welcoming blogging community Welly has! I’m most chuffed! I have a sneaking feeling that it’s all Jess’s doing though…

I can see I am going to have to lift the standards around here, to deal with the deluge of visitors that will no doubt be arriving any minute.

Forgot to mention that the Phoenix Foundation have signed to Festival Mushroom for the release of their second album, which has a title now – Pegasus. I like it! Here is the press release. The highlight of which is this quote from Sam Scott:

We’re all so excited to sign with FMR…coz we broke arse mutha f@#$ers. I am personally very keen on drinking beer at their office and stealing as much Flying Nun stuff as I can until they call the cops on me for lifting those original Dave Mitchell 3Ds cover paintings. Now all the band wants to know is if they do actually have a ‘mushroom festival’ can we please be invited.

5 Responses to “Those Crazy Wellingtonians”

  1. Jessie says:

    Bringing friends together since 2004 :)

  2. llew says:

    Ah yeah… I read about one recently…saw the photos… geeky might not quite be the word that came to my mind…

  3. Em says:

    It’s cool alright, before you know it we’ll be having geeky gatherings at the pub with little sticky nametags with our URLs written on them… </fantasy>

  4. llew says:

    I mean I got the Backyard off the Wellingtonist site too….

  5. llew says:

    I suppose the two people who read mine might come & have a look…

    Got you off the Wellingtonist actually, and Jess’s site.

    Aintit a buzz! Or is it just me?

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