Rat Cunning

// February 16th, 2005 // Life

Dad told us a funny tale at dinner yesterday, apparently there is a gated community being built in NZ, keep all the bad people out and all that stuff. A NZ gang, who are very well off for various nefarious reasons, cunningly bought a couple of sections inside the community! Then once the sale was final, they went to the developer and said “Oops, we seem to be on the wrong side of the fence!” Made a very tidy profit selling the sections back to them. Ha ha ha!

Had a great time in town – a whole night off from parenthood – though we were pretty hung over this morning. Lyndee-Jane’s play was great, really funny, haven’t laughed so much since we watched Season One of Ellen! Lovely to see Dad and Max, and met Max’s girlfriend, a welcome addition to the whanau.

Didn’t manage to drop off Rufus and Tigger at the airport cache as we slept in and had to rush back to the ‘Rapa. Sorry guys!

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