Oscar Watch

// January 27th, 2005 // Culture

With the Oscar nominations yesterday, I am counting down to what is traditionally one of the big social events on our calendar, the annual Oscar party. However this year it’s going to be a LOT quieter than normal, as we have left all our friends behind in Australia! No, we do have some here, but since we’ll still be living at the farm it’s difficult to invite people unless they stay the night. We are considering having a virtual one, and perhaps allowing people to enter from afar this year – maybe some sort of prize of DVDs or something… Suggestions are welcomed!

Early pick – looks like The Aviator could be the big winner this year – as Sasha Stone at OscarWatch says, it’s done very well in the acting categories – a sign for Best Picture?

We were very excited to see that Jan’s favourite NZ short film “Two Cars, One Night” has been nominated in the short film category. Bloody brilliant!

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  1. acp says:

    Oooh, remote Oscar torment… joy!

    The Aviator – hmm, looks like the soul wrentching historical yankee patriotic plap… yeah it’s a sinch for sure then ;-)

    Two Cars, One Night is very cool, matimati crossed for that one [few years old tho innit?]

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