// December 2nd, 2004 // Life

We have sold our house in Marrickville at auction last night. We had just walked in the door after a slightly straining flight from NZ when our real estate agent called and we negotiated a price with the ONE bidder. Still, we are happy with it and definitely nice to have that worry off our plate.

Sydney is slightly chilly and rainy! Very strange. I’m glad that the heat has been somewhat tempered. Lovely to see Glyn and Neddy and Jake and Dins. Looking forward to seeing everyone else as well! Not much had changed at the Metro, except the Nepalese food place has vanished… Ex is very fat! A bit of a shock! But he seems very happy. Might be the steroids he is on. Lovely to see him and the pussy cats.

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  1. acp says:

    …and there is a Boost Juice Bar now!

    Welcome back, my lovelies. See you real soon. xxoo

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