Phase 3 Nearly Complete

// December 30th, 2004 // Life

We had a nice Christmas. The boys enjoyed it greatly! And Jan liked the watch I got her – phew – never very confident of my gift-picking skills. I was very happy to receive LOTR Return of the King (Extended). Since Christmas we have been doing lots of social things with family and friends, but we woke up yesterday to the realisation that we only had three days left in Sydney! So the mad rush is on again.

We have chosen a moving company who are shipping all our belongings AND our pets to Wellington. A few final things to be packed and then that’s ready. Plus we have to tidy our house-sitting house – Archie has managed to empty out every toy box and all the books from the shelves in his room.

Most exciting of all, tonight is the night we go and see Tenacious D at the Enmore. I haven’t been to a gig for months! Ned and Din are babysitting for us.

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