Le Sale De Garage

// December 17th, 2004 // Life

We are having (another) bug garage sale tomorrow to clear out stuff that is NOT coming back to NZ with us. All Sydney buddies most welcome to attend. We’re not even bothering to advertise it this time as we got so much foot traffic last time and would rather avoid the dealers if possible. Will be interesting! A lot of work to do tonight sorting and pricing things.

Life is good, hectic, but good. Things are finally starting to quieten down a little. I haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet, god only knows when that will get done!

On Sunday we are going housesitting in Camperdown. It will be great to get out of the “entire family in one room” sleeping arrangements. Plus the new house has a pool and plasma tv! Many thanks to the kind housesittees – you know who you are…

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