// November 30th, 2004 // Life

Harry has seven little toothipegs. Yes, seven! He is walking everywhere now (well, 80% of the time) and has learnt the important skill of pushing up to stand from the floor. He can even walk on gravel and grass!

Archie is loving the paddocks and running around constantly. He has spent a lot of time denuding Noo Noo’s rosebushes of their flowers. Luckily there are plenty that he cannot reach!

Sydney tomorrow – I heard the forecast was for 42 degrees there today? Madness!

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  1. Ren says:

    Good luck Ladies. Take good care of those wee boys!
    We are now full converts to the singstar, a heavily drunken afternoon on Sunday did the trick. Although, it has dashed the illusion I had a pleasant singing voice. I can’t wait to have a sing with yous….

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