Monday Monday

// November 1st, 2004 // Geekery, Life

It is Harry’s birthday! He seemed to really enjoy the singing and the presents. Fave present was definitely Uncle Ant’s man-whistle… Hmm, that sounds rather rude! It’s actually a whistle shaped like a little man – anyway, it was popular! Harry seems to be bigger already, overnight, just cos he’s one. He also got a birthday phone call from his godmothers in London so he was very privileged. A suitably sickly birthday afternoon tea is in the planning stages.

GTA San Andreas is fucking fantastic. (I have to swear a lot now cos I’m a gangsta!) Whoever thought of setting it in South Central LA / gangland is a genius! Having heaps of fun but it is quite challenging at times. So far I have robbed a train, done some nasty drive-bys at rival gangs, robbed rapper Madd Dogg’s mansion, done a bit of tagging around the city, got really muscled from exercising a lot, got really skinny and unmuscled from not eating enough, had five tattoos and about 10 hairstyles, spent a LOT of money on clothes, and the list goes on. Definitely the best game in the series. I’m afraid I will be blogging about it a bit more too! Cos I love it!

Saw my dad for lunch yesterday and caught up with old friend Georgia who has also moved to Auckland. More drunken Singstar fun, oh dear.

6 Responses to “Monday Monday”

  1. James says:

    I noticed myself swearing a lot more and having the urge to turn gangsta after playing the new GTA.

  2. acp says:

    Belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY too, loves xoxox

  3. Em says:

    Ren, I too got that message and have no idea what it means… Just been googling it for a while and am none the wiser! Hopefully some tutorial type mission will come up on it soon!

    Meanwhile I have finally done that pesky forklifter mission – the key is to get two of the boxes that are outside first, and only then get the ones inside the warehouse. Plus keep killing the soldiers who are shooting at R. Phew!

  4. Lynne says:

    Happy birthday Harry! A big hug to you and your brother and your mummies!

  5. Ren Kere Kere says:

    first of many gameplay questions…
    I got a message that I have enough respect nnow to run my own 3 man crew. Only thing is I have no clue what this means or how to do it. Can you help, oh wise one????
    P.S. Can you please give the birthday boy a squeeze from me (and his lovely Big Bro’) xxx

  6. acp says:

    yay me! for successful present buying ;)

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