Jemsweb 3.0

// November 20th, 2004 // Geekery

Well, I have instituted a new design for Jemsweb – thought it was time for something a bit warmer and more personal. All feedback, bugs, problems are welcome. The biggest change is at the side where you can now expand / contract the sections that you want to view. The site will then remember how you had it last time when you return (theoretically). I use Firefox and Windows, so not thoroughly tested on other systems – again let me know.

Hope you enjoy it!

PS Haven’t done Photos or Search yet, be patient my young Jedi

2 Responses to “Jemsweb 3.0”

  1. Em says:

    I have to go and buy a copy from the record store, haven’t had a chance!

  2. noo noo says:

    I love the new design. Nice fonts.
    Are you listening to “Fly My Pretties”? It’s not on your list. Fantastic album, even the songs that Sam is not singing.

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